About Top Rated Trampoline Company

Welcome to Trampoline Jumpers, the premier supplier of the finest trampolines for over 25 years. We take pride in our products and ensure that every top rated trampoline that leaves our factory leaves fully tested and inspected to the highest standard. After selling trampolines for so many years, we understand that safety and durability should be our #1 focus. We've supplied thousands of trampolines to many gymnasiums and backyards throughout the world, so you can rest assure that our quality is second to none.

Our trampolines are engineered to the highest standard, with the best specs, while maintaining affordable prices. When buying, always consider the thickest frames and the best steel gauge possible. If you're looking for the SAFEST, top rated and finest trampoline to have in your backyard for your family, you've come to the right place. We back our confidence in our warranty. Most companies have only a 1-3 year warranty on their trampolines, while our trampoline frames come with a lifetime warranty.

Compare our trampolines to our competitors':

Our Top Rated Trampolines
2.0 to 3.0mm thick steel frame (12 to 9 gauge frame)
Grade-A polymesh jumping bed, with smooth surface, which will not graze skin
Fully galvanized springs and frame, which protects against rust and corrosion
Safety spring pad covers springs, preventing jumper from getting caught between springs
Limited LIFETIME warranty on frame

Competitors' Trampolines
1.2mm thick steel frame (16 gauge frame)
Nylon 2-string jumping bed has loose rough jumping surface, which can graze elbows and knees
Non-galvanized springs and frame, which can rust and corrode over time
Does not come standard with spring pad covers, which can be dangerous because jumpers can get caught between springs
1-3 year warranty on frame


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