How to Choose the Best Trampoline

Safety and durability are the two most important features to consider when shopping for the right or best trampoline. The best trampoline can be a lifetime investment. A weak trampoline frame and/or frame that’s not fully galvanized might last 1-2 years. A thick and sturdy trampoline, with proper galvanization, could last a lifetime. It’s always difficult for parents to prevent multiple kids from jumping on the trampoline at the same time, so make sure the trampoline frame is strong, durable and fully galvanized both inside and out. Stronger frames will never break, bend or warp with excess weight or usage. If you’re comparing competitor trampoline thickness and quality, and want to confirm which trampoline has the stronger frame and higher user weight limit, ask the company for the trampoline shipping weight. Assume that the trampoline with the higher shipping weight should have the stronger, thicker and more durable frame. Rust and corrosion are big factors, when dealing with metal and outside elements, such as rain, snow and sun’s UV. To help reduce the chances of rust and corrosion, the trampoline should be galvanized, both inside and out. Some trampolines are just galvanized on the outside, but not on the inside. Moisture and rain can get the inside of the tubes wet, thus, causing rust to build on the inside. Avoid powder coated trampolines. Powder coated trampolines are not galvanized and only coated on the outside. If the powder coating ever chips off, that will cause the trampoline to rust. With no powder coating on the inside, rust will also build on the inside.

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Why Choose Trampoline Jumpers in the USA for best Heavy duty, Kids, Jump Sport, Outdoor, Gymnastic and Tumbling Trampolines?

1. Thickest Frames: Trampoline Jumpers has the thickest frames. The walls of our rectangular trampoline frames are 3.0mm. While our round trampolines have 2.0mm wall thicknesses. If you don’t believe us, just compare the total shipping weight of our trampolines to our competitors’.
2. Heaviest Jumping Weight Capacity: The jumping weight capacity on our RECTANGULAR trampolines is 550 lbs. The jumping weight capacity on our competitors’ rectangular trampoline is only 300lbs. The jumping weight capacity on our ROUND trampolines is 500-550 lbs. The jumping weight capacity on our competitors’ round trampolines is 250lbs.
3. Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Springs: All of our frames and springs have a limited lifetime warranty.
4. T-Joints for Stronger Frame Support: All of our frames have are t-jointed, because t-joints give the frame stronger support. Frames welded at the joint will, through extensive jumping and vibration, will eventually crack.
5. Super Heavy-Duty Springs: We’re able to use super heavy-duty springs because our frames are so thick and strong. Super heavy-duty springs will provide a better and more responsive bounce.
6. Excellent customer service and product specialists to answer all your questions.

Trampoline Jumpers:  Best trampoline frame on the market?

How do we determine what is the best trampoline?  Is Trampoline Jumpers trampoline considered the best trampoline?  What makes one so durable for outdoor and a great source for sports trampoline?  What makes one a heavy duty trampoline?  Are all round trampoline and rectangle trampoline treated equally?  What constitutes a safe kids trampoline, a heavy duty gymnastics trampoline, the best & top rated tumbling trampoline for cheering and training?  Before you get any misconceived notion about a various highly commercialized brand, you must educate yourself about what it takes for a trampoline to be great.  What is an Olympus Pro by Trampoline Jumpers? 

First, the user should become educated about the trampoline.  There are various factors that make a trampoline top rated.  How thick are the gauge count?  Keep in mind, the smaller the gauge count, the thicker the steel thickness.  How heavy is the gauge count with Trampoline Jumpers, you might ask?  You will not find a thicker steel frame in the world for a home outdoor trampoline thicker than Trampoline Jumpers.  We can guarantee you that.  Having the thick frame will prevent or minimize the flexing of the frame as the jumper places a lot of thrust into their jumps, thereby maximizing the jumps.  Also having the thick frame allows the trampoline to hold a lot of tension on huge spring counts, thus allowing the Trampoline Jumpers brand to withstand all that pull.   Our frame is made of fully galvanized protection inside as well as outside to resist rust and corrosion. Shipping weight on our units weighs anywhere from 400lbs on our round trampoline to the north of 650lbs on our rectangle trampolines.  One cannot deceive our customers of this.  And that is why Trampoline Jumpers are the best.  We carry a lifetime warranty on its frames and springs, while no one dares to come close.  So when you think of gymnastics and tumbling trampoline, we hope that you associate your trampoline of choice with the Olympus Pro by Trampoline Jumpers.  Please look at the videos above with the car test to believe for yourself.  Can your trampoline dare to compare?

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